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The Kristof Q&A

The Ubiquitous Beard caught up with Empty Music’s Kristof for a quick chat!

The Ubiquitous Beard: How did you and Scott [Scott Dann Kristof’s Empty Musical partner] meet and start working together?

Kristof: We first worked on a remix for The Unbending Trees [Kristof’s other band] track ‘You Are A Lover’, which worked out too well not to continue.

UB: Why the name Empty Music?

K: It’s Scott’s idea. For me it’s a kind of tongue in the cheek oxymoron as well as describing the minimal aesthetics of our music.

UB: What makes Empty Music tick?

K: Definitely the tension between Scott and myself in every respect. Mainly that we come from two really different musical backgrounds and meet halfway, which sometimes is indeed meeting and sometimes reacting like the opposite poles of a magnet.


UB: How do you feel about being a tumblr beard sensation?

K: Ha. It’s great :) Obviously Lee Roberts, the photographer had a lot to add to the picture, which was taken on the 20th floor of a Bermondsey building. It took a lot of booze for me to get rid of my clothes. But it’s very good for my ego.

UB: To beard or not to beard (that is the question)?

K: To beard! No doubt! I’ve had facial hair of some sort since 1994 (when I turned 18)

UB: Who is your ultimate beard?

K: Is it cheesy if I say Scott’s? It’s multi-coloured, spikey and shamelessly bushy.

UB: What was the inspiration for the Detach video?

K: The idea was coming from the director, who also did the Unbending Trees’ You Are A Lover in 2007. Since the song is about insomnia, the empty (note the pun) bathtub represents the bed that does not give you sleep.

UB: If you could choose anyone, who would your dream video director be?

K: I think Almodovar. But having seen A Single Man, I’d love to work with their crew as well. Amazing imagery.

UB: What does the future hold for Empty Music and Unbending Trees?

K: Well, for Empty Music more now than the Trees, we are working diligently towards a full-length and trying to get the band built up step by step. I mean we are not in a hurry, but to see our fanbase and our youtube views grow is definitely one of the aims. As well as get as much fun out of writing and recording songs as humanly possible.

Retouch is out now on Magneoton, and is available on digital release worldwide.

Kristof pics courtesy of Lee Roberts | CleverPrime Retouching & Photography

Scott Dann pic courtesy of Mat Denney | Cyan Blue Photography

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